Re-wiring 65 Fastback

I am currently in the process of re-wiring the 65 , using everything normally found in a 66. I am converting the gauge cluster over to 66 gauges, adding a Rally Pack Tach/Clock combo, installing a 66 underdash harness, converting the single speed wipers to 2 speed with a washer, and replacing the underhood harnesses with new 66 harnesses. I will post some pictures as I go.

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Rear suspension on 1968 Coupe

Check out the 1968 Mustang Coupe page to get the details on the TCI rear suspension install completed by Precision Rod & Customs.  If you would like more details of this install or more pictures with greater detail…drop me an email.

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Lift is installed and cars are in the garage

I finally got what I have wanted for a long time…a car lift.  When I got the 65, it really motivated me to get the lift because otherwise…I was going to have to leave one of the cars outside.  My father-in-law  and I drove up to Delaware with his truck and trailer and brought it home.  Using an engine hoist and lots of ingenuity, we got it off of the trailer and safely on the ground.  Then it was time for me to get it together.  This thing is heavy so there is no way I could have gotten it together without the engine hoist and some furniture dollies.  Took me a few days but eventually got it together, leveled, and filled with hydraulic fluid.

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My Mustang Blog!

This blog will chronicle the build and restification of my 2 Mustangs.  One is a 1968 Coupe and the other is a 1965 Fastback.  The 68 coupe will be restified with custom paint, late model drivetrain and coil over suspension at all 4 corners.  The 65 coupe will be restored mostly original with creature/safety upgrades such as Vintage Air AC, 4 wheel disc brakes and possibly swapping the 4-speed tranny for a late model T5 tranny.  I will post each step of the way with as much detail as possible and pictures that will help give a visual to the whole thing.

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