1968 Mustang Coupe

This page will chronicle the restification process of my 1968 coupe.

I was down in Gatlinburg Tn. vacationing with my family when I found this car.  We were out riding around on the back roads and it was sitting there on the side of the road with a For Sale sign in the windshield. I wrote the information down and when we got back to the place we were staying, I gave them a call.  Interestingly…when I went to put the phone number in my cell phone, it came up with a person I had in my contacts.  We ironically knew the person that had the car for sale.  I gave them a call and we had some laughs about the whole thing and then I setup a time to go look at the car.

The car was in a completely unrestored, orginal state.  It is an original 289 2V car with a C4 transmission.  The 289 runs fine and does not smoke but does have a slight tap from one of the lifters.  The car really has no options that I can tell…no AC, console or anything else that would make it more than a base model.  While it only had 32,000 original miles on it, it was in need of a restoration in and out.  I bought the car in 2010 and it had been garaged since 1986 (I have the plate that was on it when I bought that has 1986 tags on it).

The person that I knew that had the car for sale was not the actual owner of the car…she was helping her son-in-law sell the car.  The son-in-law’s mother bought the car brand new back in 1968 in northern California and she willed the car to her son.  I have a copy of the hand-written will, the probate paperwork and some original paperwork from Ford when she bought the car.

While the car itself is not a rare car, the condition and circumstances make it a rare find.  My plan for the car is to do a pretty heavy restification on it.  First up is a complete coil-over suspension from TCI with a narrowed 9-inch rear that will be floating on some 18 inch American Racing 427 wheels in the mini-tubbed wheel wells.  I plan to install a complete late model drive train out of a Fox body, seats from an 09 GT and change the color (gold with white vinyl top) to a black interior with a metallic gunmetal grey exterior and some contrasting stipes.

Below are some pictures of the car is it is today:


I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything new but it has been a very busy second half of the year. In September, I took the car down to Precision Customs in Sevierville TN. to have them mini-tub the car, install the TCI rear suspension system and install a new 9 inch rear-end with Wilwood disc brakes.  They also powder coated all suspension components.  The wheels and tires I installed were an 18×9.5 in. wheels with 3 inch back spacing and the tires are Nitto 285/40ZR18.  I have a little bit of rubbing when I turn the car but I am going to raise the rear to the next notch on the suspension and massage the bump in each wheel well where it is rubbing.  I think I am going to eventually roll the fender lips as well. Below are some pictures of how it turned out:

Since the last time I posted I have also purchased a new Miller MIG welder and a Plasma cutter so that I can install the TCI front suspension.  Once I finish the wiring on the 65, and Spring arrives, I plan to pull the motor and tranny and start in on the front suspension.  Since I have never welded before, this should also give me time to develop some skills.


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